SpiralX high-performance spiral tools for CNC machines are designed to cut faster and last longer when cutting a full range of materials including MDF, chipboard, plyboard, hard and soft timbers, exotic species and aluminium and composite materials. Read More...

Our team is always developing and testing new ways to improve our extensive range and to extend the use of tools to new areas of our customers’ machining needs. We work closely with selected suppliers and customers to do this work so all industry players can benefit.

Our tools are growing in popularity and the market is beginning to take notice of the reliability, consistency and performance of SpiralX tools and we are becoming known as a first choice for new entrants into the market looking for the best value option.

We only achieve these results by using high-quality European carbide as a starting point. Our experienced staff operate our CNC grinding machines which are fitted out with state of the art software at our Melbourne facility. The result is a CNC compression tool that has a sharper, smoother cutting edge and an open flute design which delivers all the benefits that make SpiralX CNC compression tools a leader in CNC panel processing.

At SpiralX we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality tools. We believe that our range of AdvantEdge high-performance compression tools is an investment that provides an opportunity to increase machine productivity and reduce waste. The result is more profit in less time.

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