Roughing Spirals for Hard Timbers

Spiral X solid carbide roughing tools with 2 and 3 flute design allows for faster cutting and longer tool life when cutting hard timbers on all quality CNC router machines including Biesse, Weeke, SCM, KDT and many others. Customers who choose Spiral X CNC roughing bits and operate them at the recommended RPM and feed rate for their machine have commented how quiet they are in operation compared to other tools. Read More...

We achieve this by using high-quality European carbide as a starting point. Our CNC grinding machines are always fitted with the latest version of the state of the art 3D design modelling software which is complemented by our experienced staff in our Melbourne facility. The result is a CNC roughing tool that has a sharper, smoother cutting edge and an open flute design. This delivers the tool benefits that make SpiralX CNC roughing router bits a leader in CNC processing of hard timbers and nesting operations.

The cutting edge contour profile of the roughing tool was put through extensive testing to determine the performance before being selected for the range of SpiralX roughing tools. By going through this process we were able to attain a wealth of knowledge about the edge contour and what effect changes to this area of the tool have on the tool’s performance when cutting hard and exotic timbers. 

To our knowledge, no other company has gone through this process as evidenced by the performance comparison of tools manufactured by some of the largest tooling companies in the world. The result is clear, SpiralX offers a superior tool in operation when compared to many other well known and established brands in Australia and around the world.

The open flute design in both up and down cut allows for the hot chips and dust generated by the cutting process to escape the cutting zone. This keeps the temperature of the tool lower and helps to retain the tool edge sharpness for a longer time during the cutting process than it would otherwise be. 

This fact also allows for Spiral X roughing tools to be put under more load operating at a higher feed rate which also allows for cooling in the cutting zone and in turn delivers lower production times for each operation.

An added benefit in keeping the edge sharper for longer is that it reduces the lateral load on the tool. This means that if you have had a problem with tool breakage in the past, Spiral X CNC roughing router bits for CNC machines could be the answer to this problem you have been seeking.

At SpiralX we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality tools. We believe that our range of roughing tools are an investment that has a material effect on increasing machine ROI, machine productivity and reducing waste. Which results in a more profitable business for our customers to enjoy. Explore our ranges of Roughing Spirals for Soft Timbers and MDF, Chipboard and Plyboard- Less