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How to Rectify Poor Tool Performance (Part 1)

Poor tool performance is almost always prematurely blamed on an individual tool's quality before all the variables that can contribute to a performance issue are inspected and assessed. This is often the case with businesses that have installed their first machine, and it is our job as tooling manufactures to educate machine operators on best practice for tool maintenance and help implement a robust process not only for the purpose of improving performance and optimization of an expensive asset, but to minimize the spending of money on needless replacement items and potentially expensive repairs, and machine downtime in the future. Below is a starter...

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What to Consider When Buying a CNC Router

In the past customers have often asked us for our advice when considering the purchase of a CNC routing machine. There are many things to consider but from a machine perspective some of the main points are listed below. Drive System There are 3 types of drive systems available for CNC routing machines. A brief description of each is outlined below:  Rack and Pinion – Works best when you require larger machine area, generally greater than 1.5 metres. They are a lower in cost option and a good starting point if the machine is your first.  Lead Screw – These are...

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