2 Flute Compression Spirals

The SpiralX 2 flute router bits are typically used with high-quality CNC routing machines such as Biesse, Weeke, SCM and KDT. The router not only works faster but also lasts long, it utilises a hydro chuck clamping system to perform the operations. Read More...

The SpiralX two flute router bits consist of European carbide which acts as a starting point. At SpiralX, our experienced and qualified team members understand all about the CNC grinding machines and how to operate them efficiently. We also have a facility in Melbourne where every machine is integrated with the latest 3D modelling software.

All our CNC compression tools have a sharper edge along with the high-end open flute design, ensuring the tools and machinery deliver various benefits to the users when it comes to CNC processing.

The 2 flute router bit hydro range is ideal for customers relying on Hydro Chuck clamping systems. The tools run way more efficiently and deliver accurate results. When you choose from our product range, we are sure you’ll enjoy the high operating endurance offered by our tools in addition to the lesser operating costs.

Another benefit is that the edge stays sharp for longer throughout the cutting process. Also, the open flute design is there to ensure heat and dust produced during the process exist easily. This feature further helps maintain the ideal temperature of the tool.

This way you can use the tool at a higher feed rate thus increasing the overall productivity levels and reducing the average production times.

In case there is an issue such as your tools breaking, our SpiralX 2 flute router bit can easily rectify the problem.

We at SpiralX pride ourselves on our ability to offer premium quality tools. We believe that our range of two flute router bit tools for hydro chucks can prove to be a long-term investment for your organisation if you want to enhance your productivity and reduce waste production.

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