3 Flute Compression Spirals

SpiralX standard range of 3 flute compression router bits are designed to cut faster and last longer when cutting a mixed range of materials from timers to wood-derived panels. They are typically used on all high-quality CNC routing machines including Biesse, Weeke, SCM, KDT and many others. Read More...

All SpiralX compression router bits are produced with European carbide as a starting point. Our experienced staff operate our CNC grinding machines which are fitted out with “state of the art” 3D modelling software at our Melbourne facility.

The result is a CNC compression tool that has a sharper, smoother cutting edge and an open flute design which delivers all the benefits that make SpiralX CNC compression tools a leader in CNC processing.

The 3 flute range has been specifically designed for customers that cut a wide range of timbers and wood-derived materials, predominantly in the furniture industry and component manufacturers that require flexibility without sacrificing quality and performance. The customer benefits from extended operating endurance and lower operating costs as a result.

The smoother finish on the cutting edge means that the edge will stay sharper for longer during the cutting process. This eliminates edge chipping on cut parts that are especially noticeable in MDF and darker colour boards where defects can be easily seen.

The open flute design allows for the heat and dust generated by the cutting process to escape. This keeps the temperature of the tool lower and helps to maintain the tool’s edge sharpness for a longer period during the cutting process. This allows the tool to be operated at a higher feed rate which also allows for additional cooling in the cutting zone, reducing production times.

An added benefit in keeping the edge sharper for longer is that it reduces the lateral load on the tool, meaning that if you have a problem with tools breaking, SpiralX CNC compression routing tools could resolve this problem.

At SpiralX we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality tools. We believe that our range of 3 flute compression tools is an investment that provides an opportunity to increase machine productivity and reduce waste. The result is more profit in less time for the customer.  Explore our ranges of 2 Flute Compression Spirals and High-Performance Compression Spirals

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